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Brace Yourself for Straight Teeth

Crooked teeth or a misaligned jaw can make all the difference when it comes to oral health. Set your child up for success by giving them a healthy, well-structured smile with braces at Executive Dentistry. Our orthodontist in Dearborn, MI, Dr. Abraham, can set teeth in traditional wire braces for a beautiful smile in every school photo!

What Are Braces and What Do They Treat?

Orthodontics is a field of dentistry that corrects jaw and teeth alignment. Orthodontic appliances are used as a way of “training” the teeth to rest in a specific position. Braces are applied to teeth for many reasons, including:

  • Poorly aligned jaws
  • Crooked, crowded, and missing teeth
  • A bad bite (also called malocclusion)

Braces usually come in the style of one of three types:

  • Conventional braces, employ the use of metal strips, or bands
  • Metal or plastic brackets that are cemented or bonded to teeth
  • Brackets that attach to the back teeth (also called lingual braces)

When you come in for an initial consultation, Dr. Abraham will determine which style will work best for you or your child. This consultation is also the best time for any questions to be answered, so remember to ask anything that comes to mind!

Caring for Your Braces

Aesthetic and Comfort Issues

Advances in dental technology have vastly improved appearance and comfort issues associated with orthodontic treatments. Braces today are made from lightweight and natural-colored materials.

Patients can expect to wear braces for about two years. Because their teeth are already settled, adults are usually required to wear braces for more extended periods.


Patients who wear braces must be diligent in ensuring that food particles and other debris do not get trapped in the braces. Brackets can leave stains on tooth enamel if not cleaned daily.

It’s crucial to practice daily oral hygiene such as brushing, flossing, and rinsing. Some orthodontic appliances can benefit from using water picks, which emit small pressurized bursts of water that can effectively rinse away such debris.

Braces and sticky foods don’t mix. Crunchy snacks and chewy substances should be avoided at all costs because they can cause braces to become loose or damaged.

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Straighter Smiles in Dearborn, MI

Ready to set your smile to rights? If so, call Executive Dentistry today! We service patients in Detroit, Allen Park, Taylor, MI, and the surrounding areas. Call our office at (313) 914-4440 or fill out our convenient contact form for more information about braces and setting up your initial appointment. We look forward to seeing you!

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