Dental Implants in Dearborn, MI

Improve Your Life With Dental Implants

It’s not uncommon for people to experience tooth loss. However, missing teeth can drastically affect your everyday life. From lowering your self-confidence to causing troubles with eating and speaking, gaps in your smile do more harm than good. If you’re looking for a tooth replacement that provides long-lasting stability and a natural appearance, look no further than dental implants.

At Executive Dentistry, our Dearborn dentist works with patients to help them achieve their smiles goals! With dental implants, patients can experience the benefits of a complete smile once again. 

What Are Dental Implants? 

Dental implants are a revolutionary restorative treatment that mimics a tooth from root to crown. Implants naturally fuse with your jawbone, providing a sturdy foundation for an artificial tooth or permanent bridge. Our dental implants are designed to look, feel, and function like your natural teeth. 

The actual implant is a small titanium post that’s attached to a dental crown. The crown, or other restoration that works best for your needs, is the only visible part. Your implant will rest below the gumline where your missing tooth used to be. Two, four, or more implants are used to support multiple crowns or even an entire arch of upper or lower replacement teeth.

Benefits of Dental Implants

Patients favor dental implants as a tooth replacement solution because of the unmatched benefits they provide, including:

  • Natural appearance
  • Prevents bone loss
  • Safe for adjacent natural teeth
  • Stable and comfortable 
  • Easy to care for
  • Can last a lifetime
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The Dental Implant Process

Most patients can achieve a new smile with dental implants in just two appointments at our Dearborn office. Dr. Abraham will work with you every step of the way, making sure you feel comfortable and confident in your decision. 

Initial Consultation

The first step in your implant journey is an initial consultation with our Dearborn dentist. Dr. Abraham will start by examining your oral health to make sure you’re a good candidate for implants. He’ll discuss your smile goals with you and help determine if dental implants are the best restorative option for your oral health needs. 

Some patients may need to undergo preliminary procedures, such as a bone graft, to ensure their implant treatment is successful.

The Procedure

Dr. Abraham will provide you with a local anesthetic to ensure you don’t feel a thing during the implant procedure. He’ll then surgically place the implants into your jaw, where they’ll naturally fuse over a three to six-month healing period. We’ll provide you with temporary restorations so the surgical site is fully protected while it heals. 

Placing Your Custom Restoration

Once you’ve fully healed, you’ll return to our Dearborn office for one last appointment. Dr. Abraham will attach your customized restoration, typically a porcelain crown. He’ll make sure your restoration fits and looks perfect before securing it. Now, you can leave our office with a beautiful new smile you’ll proudly show off. 

Dental Implant Care

When patients properly take care of their implants, they can last a lifetime. Luckily, caring for your implants is the same as caring for your natural teeth. Our Dearborn dentist recommends doing the following to keep your restoration in pristine condition:

  • Brush your teeth twice a day with a soft-bristled toothbrush
  • Floss everyday
  • Rinse between meals
  • Visit Executive Dentistry twice a year for professional checkups and cleanings

If you have any questions about implant care, please contact our Michigan dental office by calling (313) 914-4440.

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