How Does Invisalign Work?
By Executive Dentistry
March 24, 2016
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Like Harry Potter's invisibility cloak, Invisalign is the closest thing to magic in the world of orthodontics. While getting braces in early invisalignadolescence is generally considered to be a normal rite of passage, getting braces can still be a traumatic experience for many teens. As for adults, it's difficult to imagine a more effective way to cripple the social and professional life than to stroll into a restaurant for a first date, or into a job interview with a mouthful of silver. We want to believe that people are better than to judge us on anything but our stellar personalities and crushing charm and charisma, but the truth is that people judge each other over cosmetic and superficial things all the time, whether we mean to or not.

For this reason, needing braces can be a double-edged sword - if your teeth are very crooked or misaligned, you may feel self-conscious about that and hold back from fully participating in social, romantic, and professionally rewarding experiences. But as far as traditional metallic braces are concerned, the cure can be worse than the disease for many people. However, sometimes orthodontic treatment is necessary to fix alignment and other problems that can affect the health and stability of the rest of the teeth, and skipping the dental work may not be an option. Enter Invisalign.

Clear Dental Aligners in Dearborn, MI

Thankfully, it is no longer necessary to choose between a straight, beautiful smile, and a two year period of a metallic grin. The concept behind Invisalign is simple. After a consultation, Dearborn, MI based dentist Dr. Kalil Abraham, will fit the patient for customized, removable clear aligner trays. Each tray is typically worn for a two week period, for 22 hours each day. Unlike regular braces, the trays can be removed for up to two hours each day to eat and brush and floss. As the teeth begin to gradually shift into the desired position, the old tray is replaced with the next one in the series. Orthodontic treatment with Invisalign is generally a little shorter than traditional braces as well, typically 15 months, depending on the patient.

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